A “DUAL DEGREE” is an approved course leading to the conferral of two degrees as separate awards upon a candidate who has complied with the Course Requirements of Virtual University of Pakistan for dual degree".
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology is already offering BS in Computer Science (BS in CS), BS in Information Technology (BS in IT) and now has designed dual degree Program (BS in CS-BS in IT).
Virtual University’s dual degree program is designed to enhance students’ educational, academic and professional qualifications while minimizing the costs of their studies. Aim of Dual degree is to broaden a student’s knowledge and skills base, also to improve career options in competitive, increasingly interactive fields.
Admission Requirements/Eligibility:
Eligibility for admission to a dual degree program shall be based upon completion of course work requirement of one degree program (either BS in CS or BS in IT) with minimum CGPA 2.25 and the candidate must be a registered student of Virtual University of Pakistan.
However, no candidate shall be allowed to enroll and appear simultaneously in courses of two University i.e., BS in Computer Science, BS in Information Technology programmes leading to two separate degrees / diplomas. The enrolment of such a student in one programme will automatically be cancelled and fee paid will be forfeited.

Courses required for BS in Information Technology
after BS in Computer Science
Course Code
Course Title
Credit hours
Organizational behavior
Principles of Management
Business finance
Software Project Management

Courses required for BS in Computer Science
After BS in Information Technology
Course Code
Course Title
Credit hours
Compiler construction
Artificial Intelligence
System programming
Data warehousing
Numerical Analysis

Candidate after completion of BS course work programme (either in Computer Science or Information Technology) from Virtual University of Pakistan can apply to VU admission office on a special Dual Degree Application Form. He/she would be required to complete one of the course requirements mentioned as under:
(Explanation: candidate for dual degree program, after completion of course work requirements of BS in Computer Science can avail admission to BS in Information Technology or vice versa).
Each student shall register himself/herself for courses in the first semester carrying at least 9 credit hours prescribed for dual degree. A candidate admitted to the course shall for so long as he/she has not completed all the requirements for the degree, enroll himself/herself for each semester subject to the maximum admissible limit of three semesters and the summer session (if any) immediately following failing which his/her admission shall stand cancelled. Minimum cumulative grade point average for obtaining a degree is 2.25 out of 4.
Tuition Fees and Expenses
Tuition fee rates are fixed and are independent of the number of courses being taught in one semester.
Dual Degree Admission Fee Rs. 2000 one time
Registration Fee NIL
Security Rs. 2000 (one time, refundable)
Admission Process Fee: Rs. 1300 per month
Tuition Fee: Rs. 1300 per month
Note: Security and Admission fee are charged once at the start of the first semester (along with one month tuition fee). Security fee is refundable on completion of degree or in case of withdrawal from the University.

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