All 17 judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan including Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry held an important meeting here at the Supreme Court late Thursday night, Geo News reported.

The meeting passed an order which said that a 17-judge larger bench has been constituted to take up Friday morning reports aired by some TV channels including Geo TV regarding government’s alleged intention to withdraw executive order of March 16, 2009 through which Chief Justice of Pakistan and other deposed judges were restored.

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Its really bad. That Zardari and cabnet try to dismiss checif justice and his cabnet. So i am against it. All Pakistani Nation is looking them for the right thing but they are doing this all bullshit. I don't agree with Government.

Notice has been issued to the Attorney General of Pakistan for tomorrow’s hearing.

The order said that the Supreme Court has already settled the matter of the Executive Order and that the Order cannot be withdrawn.

Procedure for appointment and removal of judges is clearly laid down in the Constitution. The procedure for removal of judges is given in Article 209 of the Constitution, it said.

Now Supreme court is going to take action of this exective order. That why governemtn has take it back. Today is 15th of October, 2010 when checif justice and his cabnet was having a thread from Government of People's party. It's actually Zardari Party. That what they are trying to do? yousaf Raza Gilanni. Is doing this all. And then dinied he is not involved.