Welcome and Introduction to the Course

We welcome all the students of Islamic studies (ISL201) on the behalf of Virtual University of Pakistan. Hope, you will find this course interesting and creative enough to know about the core concepts of Islam and its teachings. This subject demands your full concentration for each lecture. We recommend that if you properly listen to all lectures and read handouts then not only you can fulfill the objectives of this course but can also generate good results. We are always here to help you in this regard. You can ask questions on Moderate discussion board from your instructor for help. Moderated Discussion Board (MDB) is a platform for the students to put their questions related to current lecture. It will remain open till the delivery of next lecture/s. You may also write e-mail regarding subject related queries at isl201@vu.edu.pk
Islamic study is all about the basic principles and concepts of Islam, oneness and Supremacy of Allah, Prophet Hood, examples of sincerity, tolerance, forgiveness and honesty from the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It also emphasizes and highlights rights of parents and their honor, Islamic teachings about social life. The introduction and transmission of the above mentioned Islamic thoughts and teachings is very essential to incarnate these qualities among the students.

Keep visiting VU-LMS on daily basis as semester system requires a regular touch with studies. Keeping the time factor in mind do not put off till tomorrow that you can do today, which may help you in achieving good grades and GPA.
Good Luck

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