Welcome Note Dated: Oct 04, 10 We welcome you all to the course of Business Mathematics and Statistics (MTH302) in Fall 2010. We will do our utmost to make this very rewarding experience for each of you.
The purpose of the course is to provide the student with a mathematical basis for personal and business financial decisions through eight instructional modules. The course stresses business applications using arithmetic, algebra, and ratio-proportion and graphing.
Applications include payroll, cost-volume-profit analysis and merchandising mathematics. The course also includes Statistical Representation of Data, Correlation, Time Series and Exponential Smoothing, Elementary Probability and Probability Distributions. This course stresses logical reasoning and problem solving skills.
You can discuss your problems regarding lectures on MDB. If you have any question then before posting your question on MDB, read the FAQs. As MDB is discussion board so we appreciate if you discuss the problems on lecture related topics.

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