Assignment # 1
Total Marks: 15
Due Date: October 26, 2010

To assess studentsí understanding of the course and to prepare them for practical application of communication skills through writing practices.


  1. Late assignments will not be accepted.
  2. If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero.
  3. Plagiarism will never be tolerated.Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else as if it was his or her own; however, taking the ideas from different sources and to express it in your own words will be encouraged.
  4. No assignment will be accepted via e-mail.
  5. The file should be in Word doc form; the font color should be preferably black and font size can be 12 Times New Roman.

Question No.1 (10)

A leading telemarketing company is looking for a dynamic and self-motivated candidate for the position of CSO (Customer service Officer).Those having graduation degree and two years experience in the relevant field are eligible to apply. The candidate must contain a positive work attitude, a pleasant disposition, excellent interpersonal communication skills and customer service ability to build rapport. Suitable candidates should send their CVs to P.O Box 1122 before 26th of this month. (Cover letter is optional.)

Question No.2 (5)

Make the following statements considerate:

  1. We are delighted to announce that we are opening a new store in Karachi.
  2. We donít accept your claim of purchased goods but we have replacement for other goods.
  3. As our meeting venue is not finalized, we can call you at any other place.
  4. Our manager will be busy in the meeting on Monday, so he cannot meet you this time.
  5. The flights are cancelled, we are sorry that we will not be able to entertain you due to air smoke in Europe.

Solution will be uploaded soon. If someone want to discuss then we welcome.

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