Q2. Make the following statements considerate:
1. we are delighted to announce that we are opening a new store in Karachi.

1. We are delightedly announcing our new store at Karachi

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2. We donít accept your claim of purchased goods but we have replacement for
other goods.
2. We accept only replacements of purchased goods

3. As our meeting venue is not finalized, we can call you at any other place.
3. We will call you after finalizing meeting venue

4. Our manager will be busy in the meeting on Monday, so he cannot meet you this
4. Due to busy schedule our manager canít meet you on Monday

5. The flights are cancelled, we are sorry that we will not be able to entertain you
due to air smoke in Europe.
5. Due to air smoke in Europe, flights are canceled.
Personal Information

Fatherís Name: -------
Marital Status: Single Male
Date of Birth: ---------
NIC No: -----------
Domicile: Islamabad

Prime Obsession
To work in an organization that offers a creative dynamic and professional environment, where my education, training, professional skills and proven abilities can be fully applied, and which also offer learning opportunities for my future carrier.

1 B.COM (IT) : 2009 Punjab University Lahore
∑2 I.COM : 2006 lahorel Board (FBISE)
∑3 Metric : 2004 Lahore Board (FBISE)
Computer Skills
∑1 Computer Repairing
∑2 Ms Word (Writing applications etc)
∑3 Internet & E-mail. Software Installation.
∑4 Operating system installation.

Interests and activities
∑1 Computer
∑2 Internet

Languages Proficiency
1 Urdu Excellent in reading, writing and speaking
∑2 English Excellent in reading, writing and speaking
∑3 Punjabi Excellent in reading, writing and speaking

Volunteer experience
To work in (PIMS) Pakistan institute of medical sciences in the days of earth quick.
1 Playing Cricket
∑2 Watching movies
∑3 Working with people
∑4 Listening music

Customers Service Representative in UFONE
Responsible of commune with clients and satisfy them in slight time by
providing proper guidance and forwarding the complaints to concerned
Customer Relationship Officer Ufone
Responsible of customer relationship, database management, loyalty program,
and communicate with the existing as well as new customer about the companyís
products, new or existing ones