CS403 GDB Solution:
It is true normalization is a complex process and can be easily proved today’s most of RDBMs like SQL, Oracle etc are based on relation model like tables are connected to each other using primary and forgine keys.As we know there are five normalization forms first three are often used.In First normal form DBA has to identify the unique key for the entity identification.It become more complex when DBA has to identify redundant information (columns) in an entity and create separate table to place this information in rows and build relation between them in Second Normal form.It becomes even become more complex when DBA has to join two tables with the help of third table to build relation ship between two entities in third Normal form.The purpose of all effort is to reduce data redundancy between tables, to centralize information and only capture entity related information. The benefit of this is increase of DBMS performance, better hardware resource management and data integrity

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