the adjective phrase is a grop of words
qualifying a noun or pronoun.It has the
f0llowing forms.

(a)phrase containing an adjective or
adjectives separated from its noun/pronoun by a comma.

Tall,strong and handsome,he was the darling of the family

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(b)Phrase containing noun and preposition:

The top of the tree.The man in a grey suit.
The society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

(c)Phrase containing an infinitive:
a house to let

(d)Phrase containing a participle:

a flowing river.a shining bird
Tired by the long journey.he fell asleep immediately.

(e)The adjective phrase containing a participle should
be kept as close as possible to the noun/pronoun it qualifies
Consider the following sentences:

Coming out of the forest,the helicopter hovered above us.
Coming out of the forest,We saw the helicopter hovering above us.
In the first sentences it is helicopter that came out of the
forest and in the second'We'came out of the forest.