Adverbs,Order of:
(a) If we have adverbs of more than one kind
in a sentences, the usual arrangement is:

1 Adverb of manner.
2 Adverb of place.
3 Adverb of time.
(b) When a sentences has a verb which indicates Movement
reach walk,arrive...the adverb of place acts as a kind of
object to the verb and comes immediately after it
The train arrived at the station late by half an hour.
(c) Sometimes the adverb of time is placed in the beginning
of the sentence for the purpose of emphasis or clarity:
Last Saturday,we had a jolly good time picnicing on the river
bank on the other side o the forest.
(d) If there are two or more adverbs of time in the sentences,the
more expression usually preeedes the general ones:
He came here at 5 o'clock in the evening of Friday last.
(e) Sometimes the adverb of place is used in the beginning of
the sentences for the sake of emphasis.
Outside the hotel,the car stopped suddenly.

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