Adverbs,position of:Adverbs should be placed as
close as possible to the words and phrases they qualify.
(a) Adverb of degree and frequency.usually take mid-position
in the sentence and precede the word they qualify.
He is fully responsible for his action.
They seldom come here.
In these sentence fully and seldom modify the words
responsible and come respectively.
(b)Adverbs of manner or description generally follow
the verb they modify.
He speaks fluently. He ran fast.
(c) If there is a direct object in the sentence,
adverbs of manner come after it.
We rejected his offer politely. He beat the dog mercilessly.
(d) Adverbs of manner come before the adjectives they qualify.
It is his carefully considered opinion.
(f)When a sentence has a compound verb,the adverb comes between
the first and the second parts of the verb .
She will certainly pass the examination.
He has always been careful in spending money.
(g) Adverbs of interrogation occupy the front-position
in the sentence.
How did you fare in the examination?

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