Most of the other adverbs occupy
the mid position in the sentence.
He quickly realised the futility of his effort.
They car suddenly came to a stop.
You can always trust him.
(a) Adverbs indicating relatively vague time even
never,seldom,immediately,often finally usually commonly just
recently quite etc.are used in the mid position.
(b) Adverbs generally precede dare need and used to.
He never dares to go there.
You seldom need to remind him of his duty.
They often used to visit us.
(c) If need is followed by a plain infinitive-infinitive without
to the adverb comes after it.
You need never come here.
(d) Adverbs precede have to infinitive construction:
They naturally have to go
(e)Normally,adverbs follow aren't didn't,won't,shouldn't,hadn't
and other similar contractions.
He doesn't always agree with me.
They won't ever come here.
(g)If an adverb modifies the whole sentence,it precedes the negative
contraction or comes in the beginning of the sentence:
They certainly won't agree.
Naturally I shouldn't keep quiet in this matter.

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