(a) The genitive's is used with the name
of persons and other living beings.
This is Ahmad'book.
They were not afraid of the wolf's howl.
(b)With lifeless objects of is used to form
the genitive case:top of the tree ;roof of the house;
window of the compartment
(c)'s can be used with lifeless objects that are often
personified.the sun's beams;the river's fury
(d)With genitives of time 's is used : a moment's
delay;an hour's work;a year's journey;a week,s holiday.
(e)In certain phrases,'s is used with inanimate object:
the journey's end;at a stone's throw;the razor's edge;
the needle's eye;at arm's lenght;out of harm's way;
(f)With singular nouns ending ins,we can use either's('):
ass,s tail,ass'keats'poetry keats's poetry:In such cases's
or(')is pronounced as iz.
(g)With plural nouns(animate objects) whose ending is s,
only an apostrophe(')is used ;soldiers'guns; boys'room;

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