Assignment 1
Marks: 10
Due Date: October 29, 2010
This assignment is a practical exercise regarding Force-Field Analysis – a fundamental concept in Change Management.

To introduce you to Force-Field Analysis of organizations and challenges facing them.
Read about force-field analysis below, and prepare your assignment on the format given at the end by:

Selecting an organization of your choice
Identifying any one problem that the organization is currently facing
Identifying and comparing “driving” and “restraining” forces to change about that problem

Force-Field Analysis:
A force-field analysis is one way to assess what is happening in organization. This concept reflects the forces, driving and resisting, at work at a particular time. It helps to assess organizational strengths and to select forces to add or remove in order to create change. The theory of change suggested by Kurt Lewin, who developed the force-field analysis, is that while driving forces may be more easily affected, shifting them could increase opposition (tension/ conflict/ resistance) within the organization and add restraining forces. Therefore, it may be more effective to render restraining forces to create change.
The use of force-field analysis will demonstrate the range of forces passing on an organization at a particular time. This analysis can increase the organization’s optimism that is possible to strategize and plan for change.
Be very specific in preparing the assignment and filling the format. No theoretical details and explanations are required. Just think about the problem, apply your knowledge and fill in accordingly.
Assignment Format:
1. Name of Organization
2. Identified Problem
(Describe the problem in a few words)
3. Driving Forces
(A list of forces driving towards change)
4. Restraining Forces
(A list of forces restraining the change)

5. Force-Field Analysis
(Put the driving and restraining forces relevant to the problem on the force-field analysis below, according to their degree of impact on change)
Driving Forces Restraining Forces

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