Questionescribe the significance and contribution of Aligarh Movement for the revival and regeneration of the Muslims of Sub-Continent. Why did Sir Syed advise the Muslims to avoid joining active politics?

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Aligarh Movement

Sir Syed Ahmad khan
Star of Muslims destiny Shined again in 1817, it is the year when Sir syed Born, it was also the time when Mughal Empire was about to End. Sir Syed Family had already joined the East Indian Company & his maternal grandfather served against Iran and Burma under the British government.
Background of Aligarh Movement
After the war of independence 1857 British government believe that the Muslims were responsible for it. There it started revenge. They closed all the opportunities for Muslims.
As rules British implemented their own rules and regulations. They changed all system; even in education Arabic, persian and religious education were no more allowed to teach. They make English as a language of India. And a very negative thought in the Muslims that not to learn new education and western pholosply put them in very bad situation.
Syed Ahmad Khan's Aligarh Movement
It was the movement lead by Sir Syed Ahmad khan.
Basis fundaments of Aligarh movement
 To motivate Muslims to learn western education.
 Understand between British government and Muslims.

We can say that Aligarh movement was a very successful movement in the history of subcontinent. It made the Muslims unite and changed their Thoughts. The most significant achievement was MUHAMMADAN ANGLO-ORIENTAL COLLEGE AT ALIGARH which later becomes Aligarh University. It was the only Education center where Islamic education along with other subjects.

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