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Q1: "Proofreading of the final draft of a document involves the same factors as revision." How far do you agree with the statement?


Proofreading is used to describe what generally occurs in the final stages of the writing process during which the writer finds and corrects ‘grammatical, lexical, and mechanical errors before submitting (or publishing) a final written product.

By Contrast Revision will refer to the preceding stages in which the writer modifies content, checks for cohesion and coherence, and is concerned with readability of the document.

However, since writing is a recursive, non-linear process, incidental editing may occur at earlier stages and last-minute revisions may occur at later stages as students notice things they want to change.

Q2: Correct the grammar mistake in each of the following sentences. The mistake could be a missing word as well.

5 Marks

1. When you come to France?
Correct: When did you come to France?

2. When you return to Lahore?
Correct: When did you return to Lahore?

3. Today's test was more easy than yesterday's test.
Correct: Today's test was easier than yesterday's test.

4. I did very bad in my NTS test.
Correct: I did very badly in my NTS test.

5. I came to school with the bus today.
Correct: I come to school with the bus today.

6. I need any money to buy lunch today.
Correct: I need some money to buy lunch today.

7. Look! It is a crow in the garden.
Correct: Look! There is a crow in the garden.

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8. Do you know who did break the window?
Correct: Do you know who broke the window?

9. My eyes are bad. I need the glasses.
Correct: My eyes are weak, I need the glasses.

10. Did you play cricket? Yes, I played.
Correct: Did you play cricket? Yes, I play.