Students now having result for their final year project. Congratulations who have passed in to their project. Let's see why students are failed in this project this year. What are the new policies of Virtual University for taking viva. What are the main character of Supervisor we can analysis y the assign project to the supervisor only as we know 4 project supervisor's are higher for this task who have the involvement in the viva as well. Each project supervisor is having almost 200+ students in each project of each semester as we all know that all the projects take time 2 semester and the students who have failed in the last semester or freezed their semester's are also having the project. They can not change it.

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  1. How 4 supervisors can handle this much students?
  2. They never reply the email reply on time."We are busy in projects we can not help you out because of viva" etc.
  3. They just refer to the helping material that consult with the helping material.

These are few points that students got the reply from the supervisor. They always do extend the dates because they don't have time for it to check them. So what are your suggestions and why you think that they don't help students. Give your comments.