Q1. How initiating structure, relates to planning, organizing and controlling? Give your opinion.


Initiating Structure:-
According to Ohio state Leadership studies initiating structure of Behaviors is that the leader is task oriented and direct to subordinates for specific action.
In initiating structure behaviors the subordinates would not know what is expected, how to coordinate their work with others, or how their work relates to any group or organizational goals. This leads to frustration among workers and ultimately influences their productivity with proper Planning. Then organizing the specific work and all resources to specific mission or action how to do. He manages the materials and facilities information resources by performing administrative activities to maintaining quality and uses personnel decision making. And the controlling all this process.
Without relation of POLCA function the initiating structure is neutral.

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Q2 how would initiating structure help a manager do an effective job of reengineering?

Initiating structure helps the manager in job of reengineering:
In initiating structure of behaviors manager has to define the goal to achieve it. He defines and organizes his role and the roles of followers, is oriented toward goal attainment, and establishes well-defined patterns and channels of communication then he planes a strategy and finally selected decision is made to follow up. When he comes to organize the resources for the specific function he finds maximum of things in already structured form... He gets with low input high or very high out put.
When first time he does this job then he let group members know what is expected of them. Then he encourages the use of uniform procedures and full offer to the followers to try out ideas in the group. Decides that what shall be done and how it shall be done by assigning group members to particular tasks and Makes sure that his/her part in the group is understood by group members.
He makes Schedule of work to be done by standards of performance and ask the members to follow the rules and regulation.

So initiating structure of behaviors manager helps much more in process of reengineering.

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