The process of producing a simpler and more reliable database structure is called normalization.The process of normailization identifies and correct the problems and complexities of database design.It produces a new set of relations.The new design is as free of processing problems as possible.

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Normalization is a technique to analyze relations based on primary key and functional dependencies. Normalization is often performed as a series of tests on a relation to determine whether it satisfies or violates the requirements of a given normal form. Three normal forms were initially proposed which are called 1NF, 2NF, 3NF.All of these normal forms are based on the functional dependencies among the attributes of a relation.

yes its really a successful factor of db design because in normailization we'll draw table according to ques and describe each table in normalization form e.g. student table. We have alot of records in student table like,course ID and name etc.And accordint to Std table records, we draw separte table of
Std Table --->Std ID, Std Name, course ID,
Course Table ---> course ID, CourseLength
Unit Table ---> UnitCode, Unit Name, Lecturer
Take Table---> Student ID, Unit Code