Q # 01: Why do you think it is important to convert a product into a brand?

Answer: Because a brand name is a specific notation, or word for a product or service. It is a trademark that identifies a brand. It comes under the proprietary rights of a company. In fact if a company is expanding internationally then it becomes necessary for the company to adopt such a brand name and logo which can prove an excellent identity for the company. After the invention of advertising, in 1930 the concept of brand name emerged. Have you ever noticed that people who are brand conscious always love to use branded products which have a brand name on it
Importance of a brand name in advertisement is also clear if you think for a while that whenever the name of fast food comes you think about McDonald, and Subways. After making a strong brand positioning, brand name of the company becomes its identification and a tool of marketing and promotion.

Q#02: State five of your favorite brands and discuss briefly why they are so dear to you?

Wall’s dairy ice cream. It is so dear to me because not even a single time I went fad up by buying it because it is a largest selling brand in ice cream products & has a very wide range of products in a single banner. So whether if talk about taste or about quality & flavor, it will win all the time & I can bet upon it. The major motive to choose this product is, its international recognition & I feel pride to be a part of such product.

Gourmet sweets & bakers. If we talk about confectioners then the largest selling brand in sweets & bakery products in big cities of our country is Gourmet. Whenever I visited their outlets, every Time I enjoyed their privilege & clean environment. All the stuff is so much dainty & hygienic there & whenever I want to buy some confectioners for relatives or friends then there is only one name in mind, “Gourmet” Also there is a pride of buying quality products which has its recognition too.

Virtual University. If we talk about educational institutes then VU is one of that institutes which are spreading knowledge at our door steps. Its online study system is very helpful especially for females & working students. The way of learning is so simple that a student if regularly attends the lectures, always gets the degree. The main benefit of this institute is that the VU brand globally recognized which has its branches worldwide.

Gold Leaf. In cigarettes, gold leaf is a largest selling brand in Pakistan. This brand is its recognition in itself. The tobacco quality, packing quality & the brand logo enough for feeling pride among friends.

Nestle. If we talk about health products then globally there is one & only brand is arisen in our minds, Nestle. I feel proud to be a part of Nestle family due to its trust among customers.

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