Paper-based written entrance test of following subjects will be held for
a. Engineering/IT/Natural Sciences (Mathematics)/Architecture programmes:
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Computer Science/Computer Studies and English b. Medicine and Bio-sciences:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English c. Business Studies and Social Sciences:
Quantitative (Mathematics), Verbal (English) and Intelligence The test will be based on intermediate level education, and is intended to evaluate the factual knowledge, comprehension and its application by the candidates. Correct filling of answer sheets in the NUST entrance test is very essential. For details please see NUST prospectus 2010.

The weightage of subjects for the preparation of merit lists is as under:
a. Engineering/IT/Natural Sciences (Mathematics) and Architecture

Mathematics 40% Physics 30% Chemistry or Computer Science 15% English 15% b. Medicine and Bio Sciences

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Biology 40% Chemistry 30% Physics 15% English 15% c. Business Studies / Social Sciences

Quantitative 40% Verbal 40% Intelligence 20% Rechecking of Papers

Rechecking of entrance test papers will be done on the written request of the candidate if received within 15 days of the declaration of results, along with a fee of Rs 500/- in the form of a bank draft/pay order in the name of NUST. No request will be entertained after 15 days of announcement of results. Applications in this respect may be forwarded to Registrar, NUST accordingly.
Provision of Entrance Test Results

Desirous candidates may obtain the result of their entrance test on written request along with a fee of Rs 200/- per copy in the form of a bank draft/pay order in the name of NUST.