package detail :

Packages Offered:
There are two packages that offered with this smartphone which are:

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EVO WIND: This package offers EVODROID smartpahonw + 15GB data with 6 Months validity priced Rs. 17,999/-
EVO WINGS: This package offers EVODROID smartphone + 5GB data with 3 months validity priced Rs. 16,999/-


3G EVO enabled GSM smartphone
Simultaneous use of GSM voice and 3G EVO data
Capacitive HVGA TFT LCD touch screen
3G EVO with speeds up to 3.1 Mbps & roaming in over 170 cities
4GB MicroSB card included extendable up to 32GB
512MB flash ROM and 256MB DRAM
High resolution 3.5″ 480320
Android OS
5 Megapixels auto focus camera
3G wifi hotspot
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