Advertising has damaged children to a large extent”. Justify this statement with solid reasons.

Advertisement has impact on children at both, positive and negative sides. But the negative impacts are followings. - Advertisement encourage children to persuade their parents to buy product shown in the commercial, whether it is useful or not. The little ones tend to get adamant, if they are not bought product. - Many advertisement in the present time include dangerous stunts which can perform only by experts. even though commercials broadcast warnings with the ad, but kids try to perform such kind of stunts at home, that may hurt them, - Junk foods such as pizza, burgers and soft drinks are heavily promoted during children TV viewing time.This develops a craving for fatty, sugary and fast food in kids.Thereby affecting their health adversely. Research has shown that junk food ads at TV, magazine, billboards influence children greatly leading an increased demand for junk food by children. when children watch young adults with good shape eating junk food in advertisement, they assume that is good for health. they do not know junk food is not good for health. Similarly candy advertisement, it heavily influenced to children, this result choose candy or snakes over fruits. They preferred candy rather than healthy food like fruits but in spite of that the power of advertisement cannot be ignored.

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