1:You have to write program in notepad and save it in doublecouts(“”)with asm extension.
For example u have written a program named as ex01.so save it as “ex01.asm”
2:jis drive main apka assembly compiler hai usi folder k ander app program ko save karain.
Cmmond prompt pai by default apki jo drive open ho rahi hai who agar C hai tou write command dir.
Wahan c ki poory directry open ho jai gi and u can check that ur assembly comiler folder is there or not in the list.then type command cd\assembly
Tou yeh cheez samnay aiy gi
3. Now type the following command to assemble and create the com and lst files.

c:\assembly> nasm ex01.asm -o ex01.com -l ex01.lst

4. Type the following command to open the com file in the AFD debugger.

c:\assembly> afd ex01.com
5:jub debugger main program open ho jai ga tou u can use will have to press F2 key to execute the program line by line.and if u want to compile the whole program at once then u can use key F9.
hope this would help u.

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