South Africa Play very well. They show that they have the capability to win from Pakistan in any circumstances.

They really play well. Pakistan also play well in this ODI. But they lost.

South Africa innings (50 overs maximum) R B 4s 6s SR
HM Amla not out 119 126 9 0 94.44

View dismissal JH Kallis b Shoaib Akhtar 0 9 0 0 0.00
2.5 bowled im! The two-card trick very nearly got Amla, but it has got rid of Kallis comprehensively here. Another slow off cutter, 111 kph, and you could never make it out from Shoaib's action. The follow through was non-existent as he stood and watched expectantly after releasing the ball. Kallis was hours early into the prod and ended up back-spinning the defensive shot onto the stumps. It landed on the castle and Shoaib puts his arms up. Classy stuff! 9/1
View dismissal CA Ingram c & b Shoaib Akhtar 4 8 0 0 50.00
4.4 this is slow and this is sensational! Shoaib does it again, off cutter, floated up at 122 kph and Ingram is early into the drive yet again. Chips the dolly in the air, straight at Shoaib, who almost like a spinner with a muted follow through, was waiting for it. He pouches it and hurls it into orbit. Ingram is on his way. 15/2
View dismissal AB de Villiers† st †Zulqarnain Haider b Shahid Afridi 19 40 1 0 47.50
15.2 This could be out, the third umpire called to check on a stumping appeal. Lovely bit of flight and turn from Afridi, who lands it on middle and off and snakes it past AB's uncertain prod outside off. The replay suggests not out. Wait a minute, the third umpire has said "Out"! Controversial stuff here, he seemed atleast two inches in when the bails came off. Smith in the dressing room throws his hands out and looks absolutely annoyed. Well, well! We need to look at that again, and maybe the 3rd umpire, Zameer Haider, needs to as well! The decision stays, AB is gone. Well, we have seen replays and that is a howler from the 3rd ump. AB's backfoot did come out, but he was well in when the bails came off. Even Fawad Alam, who was walking past AB as he headed back looked surprised with the call. AB just shrugged, looking clueless as he kept walking. Bizarre. 57/3
View dismissal JP Duminy c †Zulqarnain Haider b Mohammad Hafeez 26 38 0 0 68.42
26.2 Zony has got JP with a very smart catch here. It was the regulation offie, just back of a length and JP went back to look and dab it behind square on the off. He played it very late, almost off Haider's gloves, and when he got the feather, the keeper was waiting for it. Pouches it nicely and sends JP on his way 116/4
View dismissal DA Miller b Mohammad Hafeez 6 10 0 0 60.00
28.5 Hafeez has owned Miller here with another quicker one. Miller is miffed with himself for playing back, despite having been beaten by the quicker one last time around. This was back of a length on leg stump and hurried straight on from a length towards leg stump, Miller was late on the chop and it sneaked through to hit the timber. Miller lets out a yell of agony, Pakistan on top. 126/5
View dismissal JA Morkel c Mohammad Hafeez b Shahid Afridi 19 39 1 0 48.71
39.5 another one bites the dust. Afridi has the look of a man who has decieved a batsman several times with the googly, before finally getting him with one - smug and satisfied. Albie has had enough of poking around and dances out this time. Afridi sees him, holds it back and produces a googly. Albie looks to ping midwicket, the ball turns away and takes the top edge and balloons to the right of long off. Hafeez runs across and takes a good catch. 163/6
View dismissal J Botha* b Shoaib Akhtar 15 19 1 0 78.94
46.2 the damage was done last ball, the reward is reaped this time. Shoaib has been exceptional today in working batsmen out - with fast lifters followed by slower balls - and with nasty bouncers followed by scorching yorkers like this one. Botha was clearly still thinking about the bouncer and was late in coming down on that as it snaked through from off stump line and made a mess of the stumps. Well bowled Shoaib! 201/7
View dismissal M Morkel c Fawad Alam b Wahab Riaz 2 7 0 0 28.57
47.6 see you later. Bouncer at 138 kph around off stump and Morne was so late on the pull, it took the top edge and ballooned up towards mid off. Fawad Alam completes the catch and Morne has to go. 211/8
View dismissal J Theron run out (Saeed Ajmal/†Zulqarnain Haider) 5 5 0 0 100.00
49.6 from Wahab Riaz, ends with a run out, and no, not a direct hit! Full and wide again outside off as Theron square drives. The sweeper runs across and fires in the throw to Haider before Rusty could come back for the second. Bails are off and there is no need for the 3rd ump to give that out. 228/9
Extras (lb 1, w 11, nb 1) 13

Total (9 wickets; 50 overs) 228 (4.56 runs per over)

South Africa 228/9 (50 ov)
Pakistan 154/6 (42.2 ov)
Pakistan require another 75 runs with 4 wickets and 46 balls remaining

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