How to make vu datesheet read the instructions.
*First of all you go to Learning Management System - Virtual University of Pakistan.

*Then go to the link of "Date sheet for fall 2009 mid term examination"

*Then a window will be open in which you need to write your VULMS iD and password.

*Then you go to make your own date sheet page.

*On that page firstly a option to select your examination campus.

*When you select your campus then you can proceed to make your date sheet.

*There are three column in the date sheet page.

* First column is subject column, second is date column and third is time column.

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*In subject column your all subjects are written and in front of it you should be select your date of that paper.

*After selection of date 3rd column is enable to select your time of that paper.

*Select your suitable time and save it and than go to next paper.

*And after you make your date sheet you got the password and a pager or your date sheet. You must print that paper and take it with yourself when you are going to exam because without date sheet might be that you are not allowed to attend your paper.