Zulqarnain haider is missing today from his dressing room. His room no is 469 and he is not there. All team management is worried about him. He gave a statement on the facebook that he is having some bad messages from one person. So he is leaving Pakistani Cricket team. After that he left his hotle room. Now every one is talking about him. But still its a bad thing to be identify. Lets see what is going to be happen. We all are missing him. The team is also worried. Shaihd Afridi khan was going to say something but due to the agreement with PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board) so he stoped and leave the media. Now everyone is talking about this all. Zulqairnain haider's Cell phone is off. He was having the sms and other things. Which he forward to GEO Reporter Imran. So lets see what is going on. He want's to leave the dubai. IJAZ butt is there and let see what is going to be done. Now pray for Pakistani Team.

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