Just heard on Geo News that Zulqarnain Haider is missing since 6.30 am. It has been over 7 hours since he has been seen. Official told that he was going to a friends house. His mobile is also dead. He is not answering phone and has not contacted anyone. Umar akmal has been seen warming up and taking the wicket keeper gloves. Shoaib Akhtar and fellow teammates also puzzled when asked where he is?? No official statement has been made by officials yet.
All officials are still searching him. Now lets see what is going to be happen. all people are praying for him. Now Pakistan is in trouble.

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Just after half an hour, there is cricket match scheduled between Pakistan and the South Africa and its a crunch match because it is the final showdown and the series is equal 2-2.

But now there is another development in which the Pakistani wicket keeper Zulqarnain Haider, hero of the last ODI, has disappeared from the team and he has left message on his face book that he is being threatened to loose the match and he cannot stand that and that is why leaving the team.

That is very dangerous and very alarming and the PCB and the Dubai authorities must look into this matter. May be other team players are also gettign same threats. Also who is that person who threatened Zulqarnain. Is he someone from team or outside. That is million dollar question.