Doctor Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938) was a man of great many ideas-sublime and serene, dynamic and romantic, provocative and profound. He was both a great poet and a serious thinker at the same time but in his poetic works lies enshrined most of his thoughts.
By his very vocation a poet is, first, a man of moods, enjoying a sort of poetic license, which is, of course, scrupulously denied to a prose-writer. Second, he is usually extremely sensitive to his environment and happenings around him, which are ever in a stat of flux, and these largely shape his sensitivities and thinking. Third, his utterances and outpourings are more spontaneous than deliberate, and usually charged with a measure to emotion, dominant at the time. After all, bereft of a modicum of emotional dimension, they would hardly belong to the poetic genre. Along with these attributes of a poet, a blend of eternal verities and topical themes constitutes the fourth dimension. And all of them serve as constraints when it comes to funding consistency and compatibility in his utterances and ideas over a period of time. Such was the case with Iqbal as well.
Its really great that Pakistani people are having this kind of person. who just show that Muslim should have the separate country.

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