Quiad-I-Azam muhammad Ali Jinnah is one of those great
men who shaped the course of histroy.With his selfless
and untiring efforts.he was able to get a homeland for
the Muslims in the subcontincnt of India.The might of
the British and the clcverness of the Hindus could not
discourage him.He worked ceaselessly for the cause of
Muslims and succeeded.Quaid-I-Azam was bron in Karachi
on the 25th of December,1876.in a rich merchant family.
At the age of sixteen on passing the Matricculation
examination.he was sent to England for studying law.he
retutned after four years as a Barrister and started his
practice at Karachi,Later he slufted to Bombay and soon
become one of the leading lawyers.In these days India
National Congress was striving for the self-government of
India.Like a true patriol.Mr.Muhammad Ali Jinnah became its
member and worked for the freedome of his country.In 1909 he
was clected to the newly created Indian Legislative Council.
where he distingiushed himself as a skilful parliamentarian.
In the meantime All-India Muslim League had been formed in
1906 to safeguard the rights of the Muslims.He had also joined
the Muslim League.He worked passionately for close collaboration
between the Congress and the Muslim League.it was mainly due to
his efforts that in 1916.the Lucknow pact was signed by both the
parties.This pact rceognized Muslim claim for separate electorate
and allowed them a fixed proportion of seats in the Legislature.But
extremists were capturing power in the Congress and it was becoming
more a Hindu organisation.Mr.Muhammad Ali Jihhah could not but
realize this,and he resigned from the Congress when,in 1919,it refused
to accept the British Government reforms giving limited self-government
to India.Now he devoted himself fully to the affairs of the Muslim League
he summed up the demands of the Muslims in the famous Foyrteen points
presented by him at the round table Conference in Loudon.The Award given
by the British Prime Minister was favorable to Muslim and was accpted by
the Muslim League,but rejected the Congress.By 1940,Mr,jinnah who had become
Quaid-I-Azam of the Muslim of india was convinced that the Indian Muslims
could hope for justice under Hidu majority.Therefore in March 1940 the
Muslim League.under his presidentship passed a resolution which demanded
the division of India.It demanded an independent Muslim state comprising
Muslim majority provinces in India.Quiad-I-Azam became the first
Governor-General of Pakistan when it was established on the 14th
of the August 1947.His dream came true

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