Following are some of the quality problems that operations managers often have to face regardless a manufacturing or a service organization. You are required to identify which quality improving tool would be helpful in determining their problems exactly and provide a clear picture of the scenario:
First one is done for you.

Problems Tools
1 A manager wants to display a wall chart in the meeting room to help identifying the processes and facilities flow.

Flow chart

2 A manager needs to check the rate of occurrence (central tendency and dispersion of data) of a particular quality problem found in the assembly line over a period of time.

3 Reason of a variation in the diameter of yarn might be due to the mechanical fault and raw material. Manager wants to know the relationship between these variables to see which one has a strong correlation with the problem.

4 Operations manager of an Airline wants to identify all the possible causes of delays in flight.

5 The causes of flight delays are identified and the operations manager wants to decide which problem should be addressed first.

1- Flow Chart

2- Histograms

3- Statistical Process Control

4- Cause & Effect Diagram

5- Pareto Diagram

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