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Before answering the question, we shall have to define first the term “Scientific Investigation”.

Definition “Scientific Investigation”
“Scientific Investigation refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge or correcting and integrating previous knowledge consists of collection of data through observation and experimentation and formulation and testing of hypothesis.
Non scientific investigation is investigating about human society and of individual relationships in and to society. It consists of data through observation and presumes relations among natural phenomena”

The hallmarks or main distinguishing characteristics of scientific research may be listed follows:

  1. Purposiveness: The manager has started with a definite aim or purpose for the research.
  2. Rigor: A good theoretical base and a sound methodological design would add rigor to a purposive study.
  3. Testability: The researchers made random selection of employees of the organization and study of the previous research done in the area
  4. Replicability: Replicability is reliability that is assured before making conclusions
  5. Precision and confidence: Researchers have confidence that the research will be succeeded.
  6. Objectivity: The consultants were required to recommend the conclusions drawn through the interpretation of the analysis
  7. Generalizability: Generalizability refers to the scope of applicability of the research finding in one organizational setting to other settings.
  8. Parsimony: simplicity in explaining the phenomena or problems that occur, and in generating solutions for the problems

Now we discuss the feature of case study, it has the following main features:

1)The problem was supposed to be attended very quickly; the researchers developed theoretical base collected relevant detailed information from a sample of 25 employees and 100 customers

2) The both researches were supposed to be carried side by side and the results were supposed to be merged for final conclusion.

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