It is not famous all over the Pakistan because it is having Signal problems. So that's why if your signals are not set and you will be get very poor service from WATEEN. So in Pakistan people are feed up because of this service. But on the other hand who else is having good signals they are not facing problems. They are satisfied one more things its a bit expensive as compare to PTCL broad band service.

How wateen telecom works
How it works?

WiMAX User Guide
WiMAX is the latest technology in wireless communication. IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers) has standardized WiMAX as 802.16 (d/e). WiMAX platform supports triple play (Broadband Internet & Data, Voice, and Multimedia service). Customers can opt for either one or all services at the same time using a single CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment).
Few attributes of Wateen’s WiMAX project are:

The CPE operates on 3.5GHz spectrum
The CPE first communicates with the nearest Access Point, and after communicating authentication codes/keys, it establishes a communication bond
The bond stays live until the CPE is powered off
Wireless signal can go up to 2.5 miles in a non line of sight
Supports triple play
In terms of connectivity with Customer over WIMAX Ethernet interface, Layer 2 (Point to Point, Point to Multipoint) and Layer 3 VPN or a combination of both services are supported.

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