Mass unemployment is one of the worst misfortunes that the
world of today is facing.Even developed countries like America,
Britain,France are also crumbling under its sinister sway in
Pakistan,the situation is more alarming.According to the 1991 census,
1.27 million people are unemployed.Each year there are about 8 lakh
new entrants into the labour force is a grave problem.
The most important of these causes is a non-stop increasing population.
Deteriorating law and order situation has slowed down the tempo of
economic activity.Karachi is the biggest industrial base of our country.
But investors are reluctant to invest there because of continuous unrest
and violence.Our education system is also responsible for the high unemployment
rate among the educated youth.The attitude of our youth towards the choice of
a career is also unrealistic and unproductive.They want to get only some white-collar
job.In many developed countries people take pride in working as a butcher,tailor,
hairdresser or a mechanic.But our educated youth considers these jobs reserved only
for the illiterate and for those who belong to the lower class of society.Rapid
mechanisation and computer technology are also causing unemployment.Unnecessary
and frequent strikes in facroties have compelled the owners to go for automation
and such technology as requires less manpower.Lake of infrastructure facilities,
especially in the field of energy,telecommunication and transportation also prevent
the industrialist from setting up new industries.Large scale smugging which has
flooded the market with cheaper goods poses a serious threat to the development of
local industry.Tight bureacratic control on the economy,inadequate credit facillities
and complex tax system are also some important factors that are creatig hurdles in the
way of private sector investment in industrial projects.The flight of the rural
unemployed youth to the urban areas is further accentuating the problem.Unemployment
in rural areas is due to poplation pressure,sub-division of holdings,loss of productive
land as a result of water logging and salinity.

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