Floods come every year and more or loss welcomed since flood
waters leave the soil silt-enriched.But when they start playing
havoc with human life and property they become a horrible
catastrophe.Than they bring disaster and destruction and leave
behind hunger disease and death.Crops are destroyed.Green fields
turn into vast lakes.Mud-houses collapse.Both men and animals
are drowned.Roads,bridges and highways are swept away.All means
of communication and transportation are upset and shattered.Life
comes to a standstill.Moans and groans turn glee into gloom.
Even after flood water recede the sufferings of the people
are not over.The reconstruction of the houses,roads and
bridges and the rehabilitation of the displaced persons
create complex problems.The danger of epidemics and other
water-borne diseases is also imminent.People have to start
their life anew as all their means of livelihood are
destroyed.This year floods have caused massive devastation
in Pakistan.Punjab,Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas have
suffered extensive damages.Here thousands of villages
have been either completely swept away or very badly
damaged.The standing crops of rice,sugar cane,fodder
and cotton have also been washed out by the raging
waters.Millions of people have been displaced.The
government and the people should join hands to
provide relief to the flood victims .Clothes,
eatables,medicines and clean water are their immediate
needs.People should donate funds generously.
Government should take foolproof steps to
to ensure that the relief material and funds
reach they needy and deserving people,and
are not misappropriated by the dishonest
government officials.

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