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Thread: cs401 solved mcq's and quiz fall 2010

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    98 cs401 solved mcq's and quiz fall 2010

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    500 Solved mcq's of Cs401 can be downloaded from the attachment.
    The execution of the instruction "mov word [ES : 160], 0x1230" will print a character on the screen at:
    First column of second row
    Second column of first row
    Second column of second row
    First column of third row

    Which type of shif operation it is "The zero bit is inserted from the right and every bit moves one position to its left with the most significant bit dropping into the carry flag"
    both shl and sal

    In XOR operation the output is 1 if
    both inputs are same
    both inputs are different
    I and II
    none of the above

    Far jump is position relative.

    After the execution of STOSWB, the CX will be:
    Incremented by 1
    Decremented by 1
    Incremented by 2
    Decremented by 2

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    In And the out put only one if
    Both inputs are 0
    One is 0 and other is 1
    Both are 1
    None of the given

    __________ transfers the word at the current top of stack (pointed to by SP) to the destination operand and then increments SP by two to point to the new top of stack.
    none of given

    When the operand of DIV instruction is of 16-bits then implied dividend will be stored in
    AX register
    The concatenation of DX and AX
    The concatenation of ES and AX
    The concatenation of DS and BX

    In near jump we jump any where within a segment.

    In string instructions, the mode is called auto-increment mode when:
    CX is set
    ZF is cleared
    DF is set
    DF is cleared

    How many characters standard ASCII has?

    Which of the following is the pair of register used to access memory in string instructions?
    DI and BP
    SI and BP
    DI and SI
    DS and SI

    RET do not pops the word at the top of the stack (pointed to by register SP) into the instruction pointer but increments SP by two.

    The operations of placing items on the stack and removing them from there are called push and ret.

    In a video memory, each screen location corresponds to:
    8 byte
    4 byte
    2 byte
    1 byte

    The Operation of Push is if "we push ax" then SP<-- SP+2 [SP]<-- AX

    The purpose of MOVS instruction is:
    Move register to register
    Move register to a memory location
    Move a memory location to register
    Move memory to memory

    When the operand of DIV instruction is of 16 bits then implied dividend will be of
    32 bit
    64 bit
    16 bit
    8 bit

    Parameters clears from the stack by the
    caller and callee
    none of given
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