Population control is one of the critical issues of our time.
Much can be said in pros and cons of it.In underdeveloped
countries like Pakistan,birth control is considered a sin
against God by some narrow-minded,fanatics.The fact is that
population explosion is not merely an economic problem;it
is also a big social problem.Parents who have too many
children cannot pay attention to the mental,physical
and spiritual growth and betterment of each of their children.
The result is that their children feel neglected.They fall a
victim to different evils.The need of the time is that we should
take an impartial view of the situation and tackle this problem
rationally and not emotionally.Pakistan's population is growing
at a rate of 3.1 percent a year.This rapid increase in our population
is the main cause of all our social,political and economic problems.
According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)one out
of every 4 Pakistanis lives in absolute poverty;one out of every 10
dose not have access to health services;every second citizen is with
out access to safe water;more than three out of every four are without
access to sanitation.There are many causes of this deplorable situation
such as poverty and the lack of means of entertainment.But the main cause
of population explosion in our country is illiteracy.About 42 million adults
are illiterate.They are under the powerful influence of the mullah who
teaches them that birth control is against the faith.Islamic scholars around
the world have stated categorically that there is no religious injunction
against birth control.Still the teaching of the mullah is powerful especially
in villages where more that 80% people are illitrate.Islam itself presents the
solution to this problem.In the holy Quran God says,"mothers should suckle their
children for two whole years..."This means that an intervening space of about
three years should elapse between one pregnancy and another.If this Quranic injunction
is followed the problem of population explosion can easily be solved without using
any other harmful and artificial methods of controlling the birth of children.
Pakistan cannot be put on the path to progress unless we change our attitude,control
our population and increase our food production.

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