War is the horrible,the most cruel activity of man.It
is nothing but mass murder.The evolution of human society
towards a better state has always been checked by wars.Think
of all money and human effort that are devoted to the invention
of the deadly weapons of war,and you will understand the fatal
blow that war deals to the progress of mankind.Some people say
that man is a savage,and must shed blood to satisfy his blood
thirsty nature.Is it really so?War is no more natural than
murder or cannibalism.If murder and cannibalism are evils.War
,too,is an evil.Human nature hates cruelty.There is no reason
why we should not rid ourselves of war.War is not a law of human
nature.It exists because some people wish it to exist.Wars have
been fought for a lot of reasons.In the past,many wars were fought
for the sake of glory and victory vanity and thirst for power in
the rulers always led them to war and destruction.Ideological or
religious differences have also caused many wars.In over day,highly
industrialized countries need foreign markets and to get them,they
start a war.Another important cause of war is the influence of some
powerful groups of people who stand to gain in time of war.Manufacturers
of armaments force their government to follow policies to their in terests.
But sometimes,a nation is forced to take up arms in self-defence.So long
as powerful nations do not quit their colonies,wars of liberation will
continue.The only alternative is a world society in which interests do
not clash,and if they ciash,they are resolved through negotiations and
other peaceful means,This may appear very difficult but it is not impossible.
Man has fought against terrible circumstances and has overcome them all war
too,will be abolished when man wills so.

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