Dear virtual university students we are providing all kind of virtual university projects codes and documentation on affordable price. First see our application it is (Desktop or Web based) then pay us. You will get the full functionality of the project mention below with full code. Which is not copied and we guarantee you to get maximum marks in your project. you may view the list of available code of the projects. Which is in your range and you can pay us easily for these projects.

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  1. Energy Consumption Calculator for data centers fall 2011 (4 thousand to 10 thousand) Completed whole documentation and code
  2. Scanned MCQ tests project fall 2011(12 thousand to 25 thousand) Completed whole documentation and code
  3. Statistical Analyzer for Data Manipulation fall 2011(8 thousand to 15 thousand) Completed whole documentation and code
  4. SEO Link Engine Projects fall 2011(10 thousand to 20 thousand)
    Completed whole application and code

We are also having the old projects and the new one which will give you the whole functionality of the project and you will really learn all the programming we do prepare students for the final project viva 2012-13 because our experts has already given the viva and know all the questions and issues we do proper guide students. We are not like third party who don't know the internal working of the university and also don't have any idea what's going on and what are the policies of Virtual University of Pakistan. So what you are waiting for. You should go for the right person and get the right code for your project.

Semester spring 2012 projects for Virtual University of Pakistan

  1. Multipurpose Viva Exam System (Mobile & Web) Spring 2012_CS619_420 (price 15 thousand to 30 thousand)
  2. Online Restaurant Coupon Deals Spring 2012_CS619_423 (price 12 thousand to 25 thousand)
  3. Poultry Farming System Spring 2012_CS619_422(Price 8 thousand to 16 thousand) Completed whole documentation and code
  4. Social Networks Marketing Engine Spring 2012_CS619_421(Price 20 thousand to 35 thousand)

So what you are waiting for call us 03455242488 or email us at