Course Contents
1. (a) History of the growth of the Muslim legal system
(b) Muslim Schools of Thought
2. Science of Law, Law and Classification of Laws
3. Sources of Law
a) The Quran and the Traditions
b) Ijma and Customs
4. Juristic Deduction
a) Qiyas or Analogy
b) Istehsan or Juristic Equity
c) Istedlal
d) Ijtehad and Taqlid
5. Acts, Rights and Obligations
6. Legal Capacity
7. Ownership and Possession
8. Torts and Crimes
9. Punishments
10. Procedure and Evidence
11. Constitutional and Administrative Law
12. The Law regulating relations between Muslims and Non-Muslims
Recommended Books:
1. The early development of Islamic Jurisprudence by Ahmad Hassan
2. A History of Islamic Law by N.J. Coulson
3. Islamic Jurisprudence by Imran Ahsan Niazi.
4. Reconstruction of Legal Thought in Islam by Syed Riaz ul Hassan Gillani.
5. Principles of Mohammaden Jurisprudence by Abdul Rahim.
6. Philosophy of Islamic Sharia by Subhi Mahmasani.
7. Islamic Legal & Judicial System by Imran Khassaf,
translation by Dr.Munir A. Mughal.

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