Punjab University Lahore LLB degree Course of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW-I .
Information and paper pattren can be found below.
Its for PART 1

(100 MARKS)
1) The British Constitution (50 Marks)
2) The Constitution of the USA (50 Marks)
Course Contents
Principles of British Constitution
1. Salient Features of the British Constitution
2. Nature and Sources of the British Constitution.
3. The Rule of Law
4. Parliamentary Supremacy
5. Constitutional Conventions
6. The Crown, Royal Prerogatives, Prime Minister and Cabinet System.
7. British Parliament; Composition, Functions and Procedure.
8. Privileges of the Parliament
9. Human Rights
10. Judiciary
11. Local Government
12. Political Parties
Constitution of United States
1. Brief History of Conventions leading to the Adoption of American Constitution
2. Important Characteristics/Salient Features
3. Civil Liberties:- Bill of Rights, Due Process of Law, Equal Protection of Laws.
4. Federal System
5. Congress-Composition, Powers and Legislative Procedure
6. Senate and its role.
7. Separation of Powers-Checks and Balances.
8. President –Election, Powers and Checks on his powers.
9. Judiciary; its role in
(i) The Development of Constitution.
(ii) Champion of Civil Liberties
10. Judicial Review - Origin – Scope and Limitations.
11. Amendment of the Constitution.
Recommended Books:
1. The Constitutional and Administrative Law by Wade & Phillip
2. The Constitutional and Administrative Law by O’ Hood Phillip
3. Law of the Constitution by A.V. Dicey
4. The Government of USA by Munro
5. Understanding the Constitution by Corwin
6. The Constitution and What it Means Today by Corwin
7. The Supreme Court of United States by Warren

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