Punjab University Lahore LLB degree PART 2 Course of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW-II .
Information and paper pattren can be found below.
Students have to follow these books.
It's for the LLB Part 2 only

(100 MARKS)
1) Constitutional History of Pakistan (40 Marks)
2) Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 (60 Marks)
Course Contents
1. Constitutional History of Pakistan
Salient features of Government of India Act, 1935.
Objectives Resolution
Report of the Basic Principles Committee
Salient Features of the 1956 Constitution
Salient Features of 1962 Constitution
The Interim Constitution of 1972
The P.C.O. of 1981
The R.C.O. of 1985
The Eighth Amendment
Legal Frame Work Order
1. Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan v. Federation of Pakistan, PLD 1955 Sindh 96.
2. Reference by the Governor General, PLD 1955 FC 435
3. State v. Dosso, PLD 1958 SC 533
4. Usif Patel v. Crown, PLD 1955 FC 387
5. Begum Nusrat Bhutto v. Chief of the Army Staff, PLD 1977 SC 657
6. Hakim Khan v. Government of Pakistan, PLD 1992 SC 585
7. Nawaz Sharif v. President of Pakistan, PLD 1993 SC 473
8. Benazir Bhutto v. The President of Pakistan, PLD 1992 SC 492
9. Federation of Pakistan v. Haji Saifullah Khan PLD 1989 SC 166
10. Benazir Bhutto v. President of Pakistan, PLD 1998 SC 388
11. Asma Jilani v. Government of the Punjab, PLD 1972 SC 139
Recommended Books:
1. Constitutional Development in Pakistan, G.W. Chaudhary.
2. Constitution Making in Pakistan 1047-85, Dr.Baz Muhammad.
3. Allen Gledhill, Pakistan: The Development of its laws and Constitution.
2. Pakistan Constitution 1973
Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 with up-todate Amendments.
Recommended Books:
1. Constitutional Law of Pakistan by S.Shabbar Raza Rizvi.
2. Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by M.Munir.
3. Constitution of Pakistan by Emmanuel Zaffar.
4. Constitution of Pakistan by Ahmar Fazeel.
5. Constitution, Law and Pakistan Legal System by Chief Justice Dr.Nasim Hassan Shah.
6. Studies in Constitution of Pakistan, 1973, Dr.Safdar Mehmood.

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