Nawaz shreef press conference about the Blaochistan. That they are not having their rights. So he was asking that give them the rights. If they all are worried then Pakistan is worried.

Dectators who are passed from Pakistan they don't know this issue. We can see that army is doing operation in hills some time against the Sardar. The nawab Akbar buhgti is one example of that. He said that Musharaf was saying that if he get a chance he will do this again. Its not the way. It's the way to run pakistan its the way to run nation? its been the working of Pakistan since last 65 years. What we have find? any idea?.
Really a funny speech Mr. Nawaz we are not Pandu Like you. We know what you are doing and why you are saying this all. Because you want to be prime minister and wanted to enjoy the powers.
Bohla babu ban gia.

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