1) Marketing is best defined as:
A) matching a product with its market.
B) promoting and selling products.
C) facilitating satisfying exchange relationships.
D)distributing products at the right price to stores.
2) The expansion of the definition of marketing to include nonbusiness activities adds
which one of these examples to the field of marketing?
A)Proctor and Gamble selling toothpaste.
B)St. Pauls Church attracting new members.
C)PepsiCo selling soft drinks.
3) Tom goes to a vending machine, deposits 50 pence, and receives a Cola. Which one of the
following aspects of the definition of marketing is focused on here?
A)Production concept.
B)Satisfaction of organisational goals.
C)Product pricing and distribution.
4) The marketing environment is BEST described as being:
A)composed of controllable variables.
B)composed of variables independent of one another.
C)an indirect influence on marketing activity.
D)dynamic and changing.
5) A physical, concrete product you can touch is:
A)a service
B)a good
C)an idea
D)a concept
E)a philosophy
6) Chimney Sweeps employs people to clean fireplaces and chimneys in homes and
apartments. The firm is primarily the marketer of:
A)a service
B)a good
C)an idea
D)an image
E)a physical entity

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