MBA (FINANCE 4TH Semester)

Today paper 1st December 2010 ( FIN 623 Taxation )


Q. 1 List down the characteristic of salary? Mark 5

Q. 2 What is the rule of double derivation of income and double deduction of expense also write section? Mark5

See answer page 90 above question

What is the non resident status of Pakistan source income? Marks 5

Mr. sohail going come in Pakistan 1st march 2008 to attend marriage ceremony and he is going back to Singapore 22nd march 2008 however he extend his visit and going back 30th may 2009.
What is residential status of Mr. Suhail in tax year 2009? Marks 3

Define section 47 and Section 48 ? Mark 3

See answer page 22 & 23 above question

Some mcq,s are as under there were only 18 mcq,s other mcq from resident and non resident section

Section (11A) of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 defined

“charitable purpose” includes relief of the poor, education, medical relief and the advancement of any other object of general public utility;

► Exclusive definition
Inclusive definition page 8
► Both Exclusive and Inclusive definitions
► Statutory definition

A definition also includes the dictionary meanings of the word are termed as which of the following?
Exclusive definition
► Inclusive definition p 8
► Both Exclusive definition and Inclusive definitions
► Statutory definition
Which of the following is the legal status of the Punjab University under the provisions of section 80 of the ordinance?
► Individual
Company p 16
► Banking Company
► Hindu Undivided Family

What is the relation between the Non-resident and permanent establishment as per section 105?
► Both have same legal entity
Both are separate legal entity page 31
► Both are dependent on each other
► None of the given options
Certain incomes those are excluded from tax are called as:
► Perquisites
► Exemptions page 17
► Allowances
► Deductions
Sources of Income are classified into _____ heads of income.
► 3
► 4
► 5 page 17
► 6
Income of Federal Government exempt from tax under which of the following section of IT Ordinance 2001?
► Section 41
► Section 43
► Section 47
► Section 49 page 23
A firm ABC maintaining its account in cash basis, at June 27, 2008 it incurred expenses for Rs. 10,000 but actual payments made at 01 August 2008. It would be charge to tax into the tax year:
► 2006
► 2007
► 2008
► 2009 correct
Which of the following does Not come under the ambit of permanent
establishment (PE)?
Branch office
Factory or workshop
Premises for soliciting orders
Liaison or relationship office

a)A place of management, branch office, factory or workshop, premises for soliciting orders, warehouse, permanent sales exhibitions or sales outlet, other than a liaison office except where the office engages in the negotiation of contracts (other than contracts of purchase);

Which of the following section deal with tax treatment of person who is a cultivator or receiver of agricultural produce as rent-in-kind in the business of cultivator?

Rule 11 of the IT Rule 2002
Section 40 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001
Section 41 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001
Section 42 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001

Any income from a business carried on outside Pakistan through permanent establishment by a resident person belongs to which of the following?

Pakistani source of Income
Foreign source of income
Both Pakistan and foreign source of income
None of the given option

Reference: Business income of a resident person shall be Pakistan-source income to the extent to which the income is derived from any business carried on in Pakistan.

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