This is the paper of It430 E-Commerce can not be downloaded in .doc format or PDF.
These are subjective questions.

20 Mcq's and 6 long question
Q.No.1: Enlist the "Outside attacks on the Network" and write note on DoS? 5 marks
Q.No.2: Differentiate between the relative position and absolute position of a text by using CSS tags? 5 Marks
Q.No.3: Different logical operators in Java script? Only write there name and there symbols? 3 marks
Q.No.4: Short Note on Circuit Firewall ? 2marks
Q.No.5: Three name of server side scripting? 2 Marks
Q.No.6: and in one question java scripting coding given and they said seprate variables from above coding? 3 marks

If someone want the solution of these question please feel free to discuss.

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