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CS610 - Computer Networks

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In broadcast topology there are two categories____. The term----- ------- refers to the general concept of a small block of data The term -------- is used to denote the definition of a packet used with a specific type of network. CRC can detect more errors than a simple checksum….true The Ethernet standard specifies that frames are sent using the --------Manchestor Most LANs that employ ring topology use an access mechanism known as------ An ------------method, the network hardware designers specify how type information is included in the frame and the value use to identify various frame types IEEE LLC/SNAP header is --------, which is used to specify the type of data. Formally named __________ informally known as the thick wire Ethernet or Thick net Most NICs contain _______________ circuitry that allows the NIC to operate independent of the CPU. A bridges function in the _________ layers(s) A Bridge forwards or filters a frame by comparing the information in its address table to the frame’s__________ The next hop to which a packet is sent depends only on __________is used for compressed audio and video where the data rate depends on the level of compression that can be achieved. ATM assigns each VC a _____________ identifier that is divided two parts to produce a hierarchy. ATM was designed for ________ and use a_________ The product of delay and throughput measures the _____ of data that can be present on the network. A typical port on an ATM switch operates at __________ or higher. A------------ provides mechanism that automatically assignes a physical address to a station when the station first boots. By size there are.......................classifications of networks. 21.What is the difference between the physical and logical topologies?(2) Static : Static is not really a routing protocol. Static routing is simply the process of manually entering into a device's routing table via a configuration file that is loaded when the device starts up Dynamic Routing : Dynamic are supported by applications running on the routing device (the ) which dynamically learn destinations and how to get to them and also advertise those destinations to other . This advertisement function allows all the routers to learn about all the destination that exist and how to those . It is more rebust. Static routing allows routing tables in specific routers to be set up in a static manner so network routes for packets are set. If a router on the route goes down the destination may become unreachable. Dynamic routing allows routing tables in routers to change as the possible routes change. 22. Define static and dynamic routing.(2) 23. What is meant by Bridges STARTUP and STEADY State?(3) 24. How can Switched Virtual Network be established?(3) 25. What is the concept of packet switches?(5) Packet-switches describes the type of network in which relatively small units of data called s are routed through a network based on the destination address contained within each packet. Breaking communication down into packets allows the same data path to be shared among many users in the network. One common class of contemporary packet switches are the and , which interconnect multiple network segments at the . Another is the , a device which operates at the , and connects dissimilar kinds of networks, such as and . 26. Write a note on Weight Graph.(5) The concept of a weighted graph is extremely useful. The weights can be thought of, for example, as the cost of sending a message down a particular arc. (Not necessarily a monetary cost but some combination of time and distance for example). Weighted graphs can be used to formulate the shortest path problem for routing packets. .

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