Today I attempted my first paper CS101 from Kuwait & would like to share my nice experience with you fellows.
All went well apart from some minor issues as follows:
1- I lost camera signals for 1-2 minutes but the Examiner didn't comment(when asked he said "I can see you, camera is working".
2- The software crashed down when I pressed finished, I had to log-in again & the second attempt was successful.

Most of the MCQ'S were from past papers.
I attempted the below mentioned subjective questions

1- In planning phase what are the two key elements that are analyzed? Briefly discuss each of them.
2- Name the two approaches used in word processors?
3- What is an object give precise definition and one example?
4- What is the right font face and size of normal text in word processors?
5- Describe the structure of the Spreadsheet.
6- Differentiate between windows and linux operating systems?

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One question I would like to ask to all of you is where are the marks to the relevant question mentioned?
Knowing the marks mean we could limit or extend our answer accordingly.