Due date 24 May 2010

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Q1: Change the voice of the following sentences:
(15 Marks)
1. Tariq painted a new picture.
(A new picture was painted by Tariq.)
2. They have completed their home work.
(Their home work has been completed.)
3. Was an essay written by him last week?
(Did he write an essay last week?)
4. The bridge will have been crossed by him.
(He will have crossed the bridge)
5. Had they understood the lecture?
(Has the lecture been understood by them?)

Q2: Identify the types of modifiers (Adjectives, Adverbs, Appositives, and Prepositional Phrases) from the underlined words in the given sentences. (15 Marks)

1. They began their journey late (Adverb).
2. A strong thunderstorm passed over this area. (Prepositional Phrases)
3. Scientists are working on a wonderful (Adjective) invention.
4. Shaikh Munir, a seasoned politician (Appositive), has been appointed a minister.
5. The cat sat on the mat (prepositional Phrases).