ap mein se kis kis ka cs101 ka paper hogaya hai ??? plzzzz send me ur papers
mera next paper cs101 ka hai ... plzzzz

acha tumhara MGt301 ka tha.....rightt!
zra vo gdb vala q mjhy snd kr skti ho?roshni
kiasa hoa...mjhy tu past pprz ub opar sy hi guzar rahy hai..........
ki kroo?
mai tu yaha ghur baithi agar mcq ka time out ho jaiy tu itni zor ka chikhiti hooo.
ghur valy kahty hai pta nai isy kia ho gaya hai.........
hahaah .pta nai kul campus may kia kro gi...............he he he

20 mcqs aye thy mostly from old papers subjective type questions are:

  1. types of javascript any 2???
  2. y interactive forms used to develop web pages?
  3. assignment oparetor ka table tha ek.
  4. uses of word processor any 4.
  5. grammer n spelling check k disadvantage.
  6. ek question yad nahi mujy

ohhhhh ap ke mery baad hain dono papers ..hehe
mera mgt503 ka 7 ko aur mgt101 ka 10 th ko hai

han na roshni phr tum helpful raho gi mairy laiy.........
kro gi na help......
aj cs201 ka tha......
uff maira kul hai...

aik product ke attributes bhi thy mano and rafia
aur aik gdb wala ju question tha na ...k line achi hai but sale kam hai tu us ke resons btaein ...

baki yaad nahi abhi ... yaad agaye tu bta don gi

I have given my paper of MGT101 on December 2, 2010. and i have mentioned all the topics (that i remembered) included in my exam, just go through all these topics, and i have also attached a file that may help you in preparing the subjective portion.Best of Luck!!!!
There are 32 questions 28 MCQ'S and 4 Short Quetion
Short Question # 1
Differentiate "Depreciation" & Fluctuation"
S Q # 2
Calculation of Net Profit? While the following information is Given:
Gross Profit, Cost of Goods Sold, Admin Expenses, Distribution Expenses
S Q # 3
Calculation of Working Capital, while the following information is Given:
Cash in Hand, Bank, Debtors, Closing Stock
notes Payable, Creditors,
S Q # 4
what do you about the Profit & Loss on the Disposal of Fixed Assets?

Objectives Points
3 to 4 Questions are from CGS
3 to 4 Questions are from Depreciation
Definition of Transaction
what is the Alternative Word used for "Capital"
Definition of Accounting
Purpose of Bank Reconciliation Statement
What is Budgeting?
what is the Duel Aspect of the Transaction?
Definition of Capital Expenditure
Definition Revenue Expenditure
What is Balancing?
What is FIFO Method?
What is Bank Statement?

thanks a lot yasir please tell the steps to calculate
S Q # 3
Calculation of Working Capital, while the following information is Given:
Cash in Hand, Bank, Debtors, Closing Stock

notes Payable, Creditors,
what is working capital actualy?

seeNet Working Capital = Current Assets - Current Liabilities
then add all the values of Current assets first and then add all the values of Current Liabilities then solve the Question
mery paper me Current Assets were 215,000
and Current Liabilities were 205,000
so net working capital =10,000

See we are using FIFO method that explains the first merchandise purchased is issued first so!so see the requirement
they have asked us to calculate the in hand stock of 400 units at the end
so simple you may go to the last purchases which is 500 units multiply the 400 with the units cost of the last purchases which is 21
there you go

No Capital account is not credited because the definition of Credit is "Providing Benefit"
in case of expense of Loss we may Debit the Account to show the loss
but here in this case we have loss by fire and there may be decrease in assets so we may credit the concerned goods or asset account and debit the P&L account to show as an expense of the business.
that is what i thought you may confirm it from any other source

so CS101 k paper me kiya kiya aya kindly send kar daina i have to take an idea waisy mera cs101 ka last paper hy,ap ka accounting ka exam aj hy kiya?

ek or cheez mgt211 k lms pe just 13 lectures display ho rahy hy is ka kiya mutlab hy k just 13 lectures me se exam ana hy k pury 22 lectures me se aye ga?

hmmm me ny CS101 ka kuch b prepare nai kiya hova or almost abi sara parhna hy I2B ka b,tayyari to ho hi jaye gi, ap mujy pta kar k bta daina,
thanks in advance
me ab tayyari karny laga hon ager kuch help chahiye ho to bta daina?
take care

main ny kafi mcqs post kiye hain meri posts check ker lain n unka ans beta dain cs101 main koi help chahiye ho tu beta daina xcept web dev main beta dun gi

Can you please forward these post again!i will be really thankful to you,
or kiya me past papers se help lon un me se kuch aya tha.

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