Question # 1 of 15 ( Start time: 05:05:14 AM ) Total Marks: 1
There is evidence that an entrepreneur usually has _______________ parents.
Select correct option:

Self employed
Non supportive

Question # 2 of 15 ( Start time: 05:05:27 AM ) Total Marks: 1
Which one of the following is required to develop a good team for creating something new?
Select correct option:

Relationship with team members
Open discussion
Non flexible behavior
Discouragement of team memberís ideas

Question # 3 of 15 ( Start time: 05:05:39 AM ) Total Marks: 1
___________ is required if a company wants to be more flexible in adopting changes.
Select correct option:

Management commitment
Contact with customers
More productivity

Question # 4 of 15 ( Start time: 05:06:02 AM ) Total Marks: 1
Which of the following can not be covered under the copyright protection?
Select correct option:

Computer software
Computer hardware
Poems and songs
Model and sculpture

Question # 5 of 15 ( Start time: 05:07:34 AM ) Total Marks: 1
An entrepreneur into the hosiery business found out the reason his hosiery was not selling was due to its color. What could be the best source of this information?
Select correct option:

Government bureau

Question # 6 of 15 ( Start time: 05:08:04 AM ) Total Marks: 1
Which one of the following is the main problem for the entrepreneur in the beginning?
Select correct option:

Lack of experience
Limited resources
Lack of education
None of the given options

Question # 7 of 15 ( Start time: 05:08:15 AM ) Total Marks: 1
The product life cycle starts with which stage of product planning and development process?
Select correct option:

Test marketing stage
Product development stage
Commercialization stage
Product planning and development process is a part of product life cycle

Question # 8 of 15 ( Start time: 05:09:43 AM ) Total Marks: 1
In terms of chronological age, most entrepreneurs initiate their entrepreneurial carrier between ages of:
Select correct option:

15 and 22
22 and 45
45 and 57
57 and 63

Question # 9 of 15 ( Start time: 05:09:57 AM ) Total Marks: 1
An actor and a person who managed large project were termed as the entrepreneur in the _________.
Select correct option:

Earliest period
Middle ages
17th century
19th and 20th century

Question # 10 of 15 ( Start time: 05:10:09 AM ) Total Marks: 1
Which one of the following contracts should be in written?
Select correct option:

Real estates
All of the given options

Question # 11 of 15 ( Start time: 05:10:29 AM ) Total Marks: 1
Gazelles are the firms with:
Select correct option:

High growth rate
Moderate growth rate
Zero% growth rate
Low growth rate

Question # 12 of 15 ( Start time: 05:10:46 AM ) Total Marks: 1
Which one of the following is the fourth step in the entrepreneurial process?
Select correct option:

Developing successful business ideas
Deciding to become an entrepreneur
Growing the entrepreneurial firm
Moving from an idea to an entrepreneurial firm

Question # 13 of 15 ( Start time: 05:11:00 AM ) Total Marks: 1
The entrepreneur utilizes the resources through:
Select correct option:

Identifying and evaluating the opportunity
Developing a business plan
Implementing the business plan
Manage the enterprise

Question # 14 of 15 ( Start time: 05:12:20 AM ) Total Marks: 1
The resources acquired from others(creditors, banks etc) are usually:
Select correct option:

Easily available
Difficult to obtain
Very useful
Very cheap

Question # 15 of 15 ( Start time: 05:12:40 AM ) Total Marks: 1
___________ process of creating incremental wealth is called Entrepreneurship.
Select correct option:


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